Talissa Abeyta

Talissa Abeyta, a Native American contemporary artist and sixth generation descendant of both Chief Washakie of the Eastern Shoshone and Wovoka of the Piaute, was raised on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. 

Inspired by her heritage and culture, Talissa feels blessed to be a Native American female artist in the modern era. Through her art, she has found a voice and the freedom to express her thoughts and emotions freely with a contemporary approach.

The strong feelings this artist has for her culture is depicted through her style, which reflects the beauty, grace, resilience, and strength of her people. Talissa’s goal is to make a profound statement of Native People’s humanity and divinity. Ultimately, she aspires to reconcile, heal, enlighten and honor her ancestors through her artwork.

This body of work in particular speaks to healing and the journey we all take to recover from trauma. Talissa says, “Painting allows me to work through emotions and be grounded.” The work connects her to her cultural heritage while simultaneously allowing a place to grieve and grow as an individual. The animals in Talissa’s paintings are a symbolic representation of the emotions she was experiencing while creating each piece.