Molly Peacock

My work is made intuitively, with relatively few tools.  Using my hands I build from the bottom up, pinching coils together and smoothing as I go.  It’s a process characterized by quiet thought, letting my mind filter through images and impressions of clouds, trees, and snow, using what I observe, remember, and imagine of those forms.  The sculptures themselves are the result of this wordless meditative process and present an alternative way of expressing my present concerns over climate change, and our relationship with our planet.  

Climate change is a colossal and psychologically abstract crisis.  The science clearly describes our perilous future, but our emotional intersection with our planet lies in the familiarity of seeing clouds in the sky, snow covered hills, rows of trees and forests.  A cloud is commonplace, and a reassuring sight of normalcy, but also a harbinger of a changing climate.   My work reflects this tension between familiar comfort and vulnerability to loss, reminding us that our world is both beautiful and fragile.