Mallory Dawn

Mallory Dawn, is a self-taught, internationally collected fine Artisit. Using a variety of mediums including spray paint, ink, pigments, pencils and acrylics she creates rich, and surreal works. Thought her paintings and murals, Dawn translates her personal experiences and research into a magical world for the viewer to enter.

This collection of work was born after a great loss which led her to Montana to mourn and heal. It was in this place that she bonded with deer. Watching their nurturing love, guidance and playful spirit, her heart began to heal and a new love was born.

Her works draw inspiration from her decade-long career in fashion design, by weaving the iconic Gucci Flora print into her subjects and creating protective and nurturing layer of florals. The Guccis Flora collection was born in 1966, when Princess Grace Kelly bought a Gucci bag from the flagship store. As a gift for her support, Rodolfo Gucci commissioned illustrator Vittorio Accornero to design a floral scarf which would become the iconic style of the Gucci House for decades to come.

Dawn continues to experiment in the studio with the addition of lighting elements, fabrics, textures and different materials to convey the feelings of what she has witnessed in nature. Ultimately striving to create work that brings all of us, human and wildlife, closer together. She’s also continues to grow as an activist for social causes that are meaningful to her. Most recently becoming a Montana Wildlife Federation Ambassador.

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” - John Muir