Tom Saubert


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Oil on Linen 

36" by 36"

   This painting is a depiction of a young Warrior Society member of the Assiniboine Tribe.  These people are related to the Sioux and lived historically in North Central Montana and the adjacent Provinces in Canada.  Warrior Culture which primarily revolved around 'horse raiding' was an integral part of Plains Indian life after the acquisitions of these animals.  Most prized were the trained War horse and the Buffalo runner.  The people established a spiritual connection and bond with these special horses and when one was lost in battle or the hunt it was felt as a deeply personal loss.  Often, effigy cairns were created at some sacred location where people returned to pray for luck, safety, and good fortune.  Here this man has returned to the effigy with a 'Horse Coup Stick' which is a record of his triumphs as a horse raider.  It will be left there as a gift to the spirits of many War Horses remembered.

- Tom Saubert

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